Oh dear, how do you even write one of these?!:}... First of all, we want to honor our Father in Heaven, for giving us life in our souls and a musical life to live on this Earth! We are a family of seven, located in the little town of Due West, SC, who love Jesus and enjoy making music together. We could not be where we are today if it wasn't for the gift of music God put in us and in our children (mostly in them:)!

We didn't set out to be a bluegrass band, although that is what we get called most of the time. (We're guessing due to the instruments we play, and we hope not due to the sound coming from our noses when we sing!:)
Jonny, (aka Dad) loved to play guitar and sing with his wife back in the day,(2014 and years before) and often wished for someone to play music with him. Juli (his wife), wasn't playing an instrument at the time, but now joins in with the ubass whenever she can.:) Jonny says now he never would have thought that God would give him children to play along with so soon!:) Here's a little bit about them from oldest to youngest...
Addelyn Jolie - Received a violin for her 6th birthday at her request:), and started lessons a week later. As time went on we realized she didn't care much to play slow songs or go by the book! She is still taking lessons today from a fiddle teacher and enjoying it immensley. One of her first fast songs is still a favorite of hers to play today - "Bile 'Em Cabbage Down"
Johnson Bentley  - At the age of three, started banging a set of spoons together in the living room while daddy played guitar, and alerted his parents that he had rythm built right in him while in the womb! We knew we better do something with that, so he received a banjolele for his fourth birthday. The rest is history. He went from that, to mandolin, to bass, to guitar, to banjo. And now he's got his mind pretty set on banjo.:) Thus, the band was named after him. Because it flowed, and everyone agreed.:)
Paisley Brooke  - At age four, started adding to the band by keeping rhythm on the cajon, and singing with her sweet little voice. She is also learning to play the ukulele and has big dreams of getting a "real" drum set, learning to yodel, and take fiddle lessons from Addie's teacher! We shall see where the Lord leads!
Jasper Eugene  - wants to help out on any instrument that he's allowed to touch! He is learning chords on the uke as well and is finally not being so bashful in front of people and helps us sing sometimes!:)
Shelby Taylor  - bounces around the house and gets all happy with the music. She just started singing her first song, "By and By" ( "In the Sweet By and By")

The summer and fall of 2016 was sort of a starter for us to "get out there" with our music. We entered the children into the "Honea Path's Got Talent" show and they ended up winning the grand prize. Then it went from there to playing music at festivals, fundraisers, churches, and retirement center. Again, we are so grateful to God for making this all possible and for opening up doors for us to share the gospel  through music! If you are interested in having us come share at your church or event, we would be honored! Just contact us through email or phone and we'll get back to ya! Meanwhile, subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to hear more!